Baahubali Official Game APK

Baahubali Official Game APK

Download Baahubali Official Game APK for Android device

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About Baahubali Official Game APK

Loved the world of Baahubali on big screen? Now, the magic comes to your mobile. Finally here is the official game of Baahubali is out for Android phones. Mahishmati is calling for your help! You've to save this kingdom by training the armies and joining the forces of Baahubali, Katappa, Bhalladeva & Devasena to defeat the ruthless Kalakeya.

Features :
-Build Your Own undefeatable fort to help the kingdom.
-Destroy enemy's army using superior weapons.
-Unlock Powerful characters and powers.
-Win battles.
-Make clans with your friends.

Size: 45.42 MB
Downloads: 0
Licence: Free

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