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About UC News

The team that created UCWeb developed a highly-recommendable app that's geared towards the Indian market. Thanks to this app it's now possible to access the latest news from hundreds of digital media outlets with over twenty different categories among: news, tech, entertainment, lifestyle, movies and even cricket.

1.UC News keeps up you to date with viral tales breakingnews & developing reports locally trending on social-network and internationally
2.Read information efficiently in an easy App. Save pictures and posts you prefer, and share with only one touch with your Facebook friends.
3.UC News allows while you want to buy with 20+ information stations you to modify a distinctive newsfeed.
4.Clear software can help you rapidly check plunge and statements into everything you like deep.
5.With this skilled Cricket publisher group, UC Information additionally provides LIVE Cricket Ratings to you. No fantastic fits is missed out on by You’ll.

UC News app, which is developed by Alibaba group, brings you the latest and breaking news right on your Android device in almost every category such as Bollywood, cricket news, Technology, business, entertainment etc. With this amazing app you can explore and Discover events around the world as they happen and stay updated with every news happening in your local area, in the Nation or all around the world.

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